Huks Fluks is located on the sunny side of the beautiful Gråbrødretorv. Most of the year you can sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the sunshine until late in the evening. Inside you can enjoy the beautiful view of Gråbrødretorv and on cold days you can enjoy the roaring fire in thefireplace.

The menu takes its inspiration from the southern european cuisines with bistro-style dishes such as moules marinières, coq au vin and the house specialty, black foot ham (Pata Negra). Some of our lunch dishes can be served within 5 or 10 minutes which means that we can provide you with a quick meal in your short lunch break. On our drink menu you will find wines from around the world, draught and bottled beer, various juices, soft drinks and espresso coffee.

Huks Fluks consists of several different rooms, both smaller ones for your private dinner party and bright and inviting rooms perfect for a larger celebration.